Posted in A Life More Boring, San Francisco on September 6th, 2002 by Дмитрий

My apologies. I didn’t have any internet from home all week (still don’t…), and when I finally got around to checking my email from work, I realized that my mailbox had filled up and then been wiped out. If you’ve sent me anything over the past week, try resending it using the Contact form or the Message Board.

I really don’t know how the fuck my whole box got filled in only one week, since it only tends to average a couple emails each day. Anyone thinking of sending me big files or junk, do me a favor and don’t .

Updates when the DSL is back up. I promise.


Posted in Site News on September 19th, 2002 by Дмитрий

More apologies to those who have been trying to send me email since the move. I finally got the kinks cleared up today (I think).

But I still can’t seem to get motivated about updating my site…

This is Not the Entry You Were Looking For

Posted in San Francisco, Site News on September 30th, 2002 by Дмитрий

Whilst I try to maintain a maximum of 10 days worth of entries on the front page, I realize it’s been more than ten days since my last entry. Time sure drags on when you’re having fun.

No real excuses on the lack of updates. They’re definitely wanting. I’ve been busy and lots of stuff has been happening. I should update the “about me” section just to bring it up to speed with the new location/situation… I should get back into the swing of advertising my trading section (by the way, a few more have been added over the last week)… I should pull down the message board, since no one really seems to care anymore… I should write a new essay (the one I’ve currently got brewing is “Our Castrated Military”)…

And yet… Motivation is my need du jour. I did manage to revise my “anniversary essay” and post it in the Essays section, rather than in the journals. A short recap of the past couple weeks is all you get right now: Still trying to get myself situated and cozy; a few bits of major housekeeping are still required before I’ll be there. The internet connection is a source of constant frustration, and it’s like pulling teeth just to get SBC to do anything about it. Then there’s the idea that I’m suppoed to be doing a portion of my work from home, which is constantly frustrated by a lack of facilities for such a task.

The method of escape from the Annual Sunday (weekend?) of Terror was a trip down the coast to Monterey. Staying at the Motel 6 in Marina allowed us the opportunity to get thoroughly creeped out at the Nearby Ruins and experience the true wonder which is the commercial strips of old cities. I love Monterey. We treated ourselved to a super Indian meal, which included belly dancers and spicy food out the wazoo. Long walks through the tourist traps, without really feeling horribly touristy. Cool little used bookstores and even a couple stops at the local big box chains. Hell, we even managed to get the laundry done in Pacific Grove. All in all, a far far far more pleasant weekend than would have been experienced had we been required to hunker down in the trenches South of Market.

The next few weeks will feature my attempt to tackle the refurbishment of the bathroom. It will be a tough task for a relative novice handyman, not to mention the task of keeping the place useable so that David doesn’t kill me in the process. Things are still going better than I ever imagined they’d go.