Domestic Terrorism

Posted in Rants, San Francisco on November 20th, 2002 by Дмитрий

For several weeks now, my City has been under terrorist attack. Many people remember the attacks on New York in 2001. Although I wouldn’t claim that the attacks on San Francisco this month were quite as severe, I would argue that they exceed the qualifications of terrorist actions compared to those perpetrated in September of 2001.

The logical definition of terrorism is actions or threats which cause “terror” in those to whom the actions or threats are directed. Terror should be qualified, of course, to mean something more severe than mere inconvenience or change in habits. Terror in men is the conscious confirmation that life as it needs to be led is impossible - that the actions of an outside force are causing a threat to one’s life and the pursuit of that which furthers its goals and success.

The goal of San Francisco’s terrorist population is the destruction of life. The results of their actions have been the destruction of the motors of the City. Everyone touched by the actions of the terrorists have seen their lives changed in a destructive way. This is what is meant by terrorism, and why they as individuals and as a group can be classified as nothing else. Their actions surpass the terrorist nature of those of the September 2001 terrorists in many ways, if not (yet) with the latter’s destructive results. Their actions have touched me personally in ways the September 2001 actions never could have, both due to the proximity of the activity and the nature of the terrorists themselves.

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