The Trading Body

Posted in Economics, Rants on December 1st, 2002 by Дмитрий

The mystics of muscle have often characterized world trade as damaging and unnatural, and as a system which fails to properly match the processes of life for humans and other biological entiities. They prescribe the silver bullet ideal of bioregionalism and isolationism (nationalism) as that state to which working men should strive for. Like most proponents of the irrational, they should check their premises.

Global trade is the only economic paradigm which, in fact, fits the true wholistic human-scale analogies the mystics use. Their premises are the ones which are incorrect and unscaleable. The following argument makes no specific logical connections necessarily justifing the functioning of a heavily-integrated global marketplace - it isn’t meant to. It merely discredits the logical processes and conceptual frameworks of those who try to besmirch the latter by a similar method.

If all systems are intertwined and merely differ in scale, as the mystics propose, then that scale must be universal. If cells are the building blocks and support structure of organs, and organs the building blocks and support structure of the body, one must go further. The individual is the building block and support structure of the industry, the industry is the building block and support structure of the world.

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The Modern Slave Trade

Posted in Economics on December 15th, 2002 by Дмитрий

I am a part of the new slave trade. I work my ass off day in and day out, and I do it not for my own advancement and improvement, but rather to improve the lives of others. I didn’t choose this, it was imposed upon me because of who I am.

I am told by my owners that my needs and desires are unimportant, that I must work for their needs and desires. I am told by parents of children that I must work to subsidize the education, nutrition and health of their children. I am told by the elderly that I must work to bring them comfort, health and susidized drugs. I am told that I did nothing wrong to become a slave, but that my type of people were simply meant to be slaves because of who we are.

I am between the ages of 25 and 45 and therefore I am meant to be a slave. I am without children, and therefore I am meant to be a slave. I am a hard worker who strives to better my life and my quality of productivity, and therefore I am meant to be a slave.

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On Hate Crimes

Posted in Americana, Rants on December 22nd, 2002 by Дмитрий

I am so incredibly pissed off about the idea of hate crimes. In general. First of all, why is it that you should get a lighter sentence for committing a crime just because you’re a fucked-up person? And what exactly will the guvmint constitute “hate”? Basically, hate crime laws would allow congress or the courts to legislate thought. It would mean that a man’s ideological beliefs are what deserve punishment, not his actions. By giving this sort of authority to the government, you basically destroy freedom of thought.

One would think that by committing a crime, punishment should be equal among all citizens. Isn’t that the very definition of legal justice? Basically, hate crimes legislation will allow a court to rule that a man’s thoughts make his crime worse. Isn’t committing the crime bad enough? How far does one extend the idea? It’s wrong and ridiculous that the motive of a crime should determine the severity of the punishment. Men should be free to think evil thoughts, but not to act on them. We can morally condemn a man who honestly believes that Jews are inferior as humans, but he doesn’t deserve any further physical or legal condemnation until he acts on that belief. If he kills a Jew because he hates jews, his punishment should be no more nor less severe than the man who kills the store clerk in a robbery or the gangster who kills a random strager for initiation rites.

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