Holiday Prty

Posted in Holidays, Work on December 5th, 2003 by Дмитрий

It’s been a harsh week. 12-hour days and 7-hour nights and I’m just pooped. Luckily it should be a short(er) day today, after which I schmooze for a short period at the annual office holiday party. Pizza and beer may not sit all that well with me, though, as my strenuous schedule has caused my diet to suffer. About 2 servings of vegitables so far this week and about 10 of various animal fats. I’m feeling salads and soups will have to dominate the weekend…

OK, and maybe a burger… With extra tomato and lettuce…

Beyond that, I guess I’ve little else to say. Except that i’m feeling very Xmasy lately, and will most likely be making David help me decorate this weekend. Yum.


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Now I remember why it was so hard to keep this journal going before: If I’m as swamped in my day-to-day now as I feel, I can only imagine how much worse it’s going to get when I start attending SFSU late next month…

As a recap ion the Thanksgiving debacle: My parents are very warm, wonderful people. However, they have an incredibly difficult time understanding the idea that the choice of mate of their offspring neither reflects on them personally nor on their performance as parents. They are steadfastly convinced that my choice of spouse is something that, if ever revealed to their friends and neighbors (at least the one or two who don’t already know) will permanently tarnish their image in the eyes of the world. Thus, they refuse exposure to said spouse.

I really honestly love my parents. I think their close, loving upbringing gave me many of the positive traits and abilities I possess today. They did not pluck my feathers while teaching me to fly, as so many parents seem to do in our stiflinig world of today. I only wish that they could be proud of their son, as their son, and not just prefer parts of that son…

So for now, my holidays will be on the “split” system: luckily, we only really celebrate 3: Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Xmas. So the rotate should be easy, and I’ll continue to visit often for non-holiday events… It’s gonna make me feel like a Jehovah’s Witness…

I need coffee…

Commercialism Begins at Christmas

Posted in Family, Holidays on December 17th, 2003 by Дмитрий

Don’t forget to buy me a Xmas present

David & I got most of our shopping done last night. I may have a little make-up to do this weekend. Friday afternoon we head off to Fresno for the sort-of family component of my Xmas: I get to visit my sister for her birthday, and drop off gifts for the parents. Possibly a visit with my Aunt Kathy. We’ll have to skip the party at my Uncle Allen’s, as I’m sure my parents would not be receptive to it…

Gawd, this time of year makes me wish I had parents more like my hubby’s

2003 Redux

Posted in About Me on December 31st, 2003 by Дмитрий

The year draws to a close. I see that it’s as hard as ever to get any sort or regularity to my posts, no matter how enthused I was when I first started back last month. I haven’t even finished reformatting the old journals to work in this site…

Things from 2003 I will remember fondly:

  • My first trip in an aeroplane, and as far from home as I’d ever been
  • My first anniversary of cohabitation with David
  • My second anniversary of wonderful love with David at Disneyland
  • My first Christmas snuggles ever

Things from 2003 I would rather forget:

  • Longer hours and no real raise yet
  • Watching my hubby go through the agony of smoking cessation
  • Family drama
  • Realizing it will be some time before I move my hubby out of this City

I am enjoying my place in the world more than ever, but I still at times feel a bit out of control of my life. I figure it’s partly because in many ways I am out of control of myself. I still carry youthful excesses and issues which I need to get a better grip on and start exercising more adult discipline.

I wish I could elaborate more… but for now, happy new year.