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Despite my often schiztophrenic relationship with my parents, they are veery good people. The work hard and they took good care of me as a child. They taught me well, and helped nurture my goals and productive achievements.

That’s why I am so angered that some loafing bit of scum could so easily take it all away from them. His name is Steven Washburn. I’m not sure at what point it was that he decided to destroy my parents, and ruin his own life at the same time… But he accomplished them both (at least I hope his life is ruined… we’ll see how good a job the police do…).

In a nutshell, this individual managed to swindle my father’s business for tens of thousands of dollars (myself and the other beancounters are still working on a total), over the past year or so. He kept things just messy enough so that the confusing books and baffling losses would appear attributable to a disorganized office, rather than professional embezzlement.

Now it is those of us who had made the accomplishments and done the footwork who must clean up after the villians. My father worked harder than ever the past year, and his company had its best year ever, all in the middle of a local commercial slump. Now he has discovered that his work did not ultimately reward himself and his family, but a slimy looter and his detritus. My father’s essentially been robbed of his profit for the past year, and after the dust settles, the consequential damages will be greater than his salary for the past two.

In some ways, I blame my own abandonment of my parents, and the subsequent need for a familiar face in the office, which I’m sure is what led them to hire someone who they had previously employed, and been at all times less than impressed with. They let down their guard and assumed that they had a team aimed at accomplishment, rather than destruction.

But one cannot take self-blame too far. When evil is perpetrated, no matter how close to home, it is only evil that one should blame…

The Great Clean-Up

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My first ride on a train today. In fact, I’m typing as I ride (though I’m sure this won’t get uploaded until Friday morning). Almost as exciting as my first plane ride. Almost.

One positive result of my family’s recent adversity is that it has made me bite the bullet and take the train home for the first time. I honestly think this will be the way to go from now on. Mostly.

But I do wonder how much the tickets would cost on an unsubsidized line… The world may never know…

Line 718 (the San Joaquin route) travels from Emeryville station to Bakersfield, with stops in Richmond, Martinez, Antioch, Stockton, Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Hanford, Corcoran and Wasco. The journey from San Francisco includes a short trip across the bay on a cushy motorcoach, on which I was finally high enough up to really see the sights from the Bay Bridge, including Treasure Island and the construction of the new Eastern Span, which I found fascinating.

The trip from SF to Fresno is supposed to take just under 5 hours. A little less than twice the time a trip by auto (at MurderingSpeeds). Nonetheless, I think it’s worth it, for about the cost of a tank and a half of gas (for the MurderingAuto).

But it remains to be seen whether I can be adequately satisfied by the municipal transit within Fresno once arriving (something which I may wait until next time before attempting).

In other news, this weekend should be a good indicator of exactly how much work remains on the Great Cleanup. I obtained a new middle manager at work, whom I’m warmly welcoming. My workplace is an anomoly, in that we are all very overworked, but the answer most would assume should remedy this - throwing more labor at the problem - is not quite as logical as it sounds. I think that one major reason for the immense amount of overwork we’re going through is more related to the chaos of fast growth, and a disciplined manager who can get control is a viable solution. Our new VP Ops is very promising in this regard. But I’ll say little more, as I don’t want to steal my boss’ thunder from the forthcoming press release.


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I just had a long weekend working on the family troubles, followed by an immediate stint at the Marry-In.

Most people are familiar with my stand on the marriage thing. Here’s hoping the victory essay is just around the corner…

I only hope that during this long, wet night that my Husband doesn’t start having second thoughts about camping out just for a contract telling him he can never ever leave me. Ever.


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I’m dead tired and ready to sleep for a few decades now. It’s strange that after over a year and a half being married in every way but ceremony and contract, those two things really make a difference.

I’m optimistic that this isn’t just a small, temporary “protest” marriage. I honestly feel like a different person now. I already feel more responsibility and humanity within myself. The past 48 hours have been a real blur, but the quantity and quality of love in me and around me will leave me touched forever.

It’s a brave new world tomorrow morning…


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Still married and massively pleased with it. I must say I’m more excited than ever about the prospect that this might not be so easily quashed by the courts…

Along those lines, please all join David and I at Tad’s Steaks on Powell Street this Friday (8-o’clockish) for a little marriage celebration. A small group at most, but that’s all we need. It’s not to be called a Reception, as it’s a serve-yourself no-frills event, but I hope to see some pleasant faces nonetheless.

Even though I’m not buying you dinner, please feel free to buy us gifts from our respective Amazon Wish Lists (DavidMark).

The family business drama is as close to resolved as it’s going to be anytime soon. The counts of theft, fraud, and forgery have all but entirely been accounted for, but the balance of the clean-up work must now be passed on to the individuals who actually work for my dad these days. I’ve done what I can for now. I need a weekend off…