Job Hunt and Stuff

Posted in A Life More Boring on August 2nd, 2005 by Дмитрий

Two interviews down. Not to sound over-optimistic, but I think I grabbed them by the balls. Strangely, the consulting income is rolling in faster than I expected it would, wwhich means I can confidently be pickier than I expected to be able to be with whichever job I choose… It feels good, and I think that extra confidence reflected in my intervies today.

Tonight I test out my new recipe for a 10-cheeze pizza. If it turns out good I’ll post the recipe here. Tomorrow I try being social in Charlotte for the first time…

Next week is David’s birthday. Please buy him (and by association, me) something!

Trucker Fantasy

Posted in Work on August 3rd, 2005 by Дмитрий

MurderingMouth got a temp-to-hire job. It’s a stop-gap measure so that I can keep up the mad pace of my expensive cheese-intensive lifestyle. It pays better than I expected I’d start out with. It’s at a trucking ccompany, which may or may not mean I’ll be coming home to hubby very horney every evening (I find the trucker fantasy is always more interesting than the trucker reality)…

Mistakes With Temp Agencies

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The job offer turned out to be a fraud. After offering a “temp to hire at 14/hr”, they called back later today to say that during the “temp” part of the scenario (during which time the agency would be taking their cut from the fee paid by the employer), it would only be at 10/hr. Rubbish. I told the fuckers to forget it. Luckily, someone from the same agency who was recruiting internally for the agency itself called later today aand I have an interview with her tomorrow.


The consulting work is enough to keep me in stockings and fans for now. Meanwhilst, I went out to Dilworth Playhouse this evening to enjoy my first Coffee Night in my new city. It was fun. Will do again.

“Uptown” “Life”?

Posted in Fucking Moron on August 8th, 2005 by Дмитрий

What happens when four illiterate fags and a fag hag pool their trust funds and start a magazine? You end up with this.

Achingly, horribly bad. And on top of that, it’s bland and overdramatized. That’s how I knew they were fags.


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Happy Birthday to David. Next year I hope to get you something which you can use to decorate or accent the house I hope to have for you by then.

Also birthday wishes out to Amber, and a belated HBD to Dan.


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So the past week I’ve “sort of” had a job: it’s one of those deals where the employer has had so many bad candidates through the door that they are only hiring people on a “long-term probation” basis, with no real promise that it’s a done deal or permanent employment. However, I think I’ve been an impressive worker, and from the chatter in the office I believe I’ve lasted longer than any of the previous candidates (which says a lot about their screening techniques perhaps…)


Either way, it’s work, it’s in a cool office with agreeable people and it shows tremendous promise. It’s out in Ballantyne, and the morning commute isn’t bad at all from Matthews (the evening commute is another story the past week since it seems that there has been torrential rain on the 485 each afternoon).


So now I can concentrate on making the bank account start moving the other direction as well as the credit cards. I want to be in mortgage application condition by this time next year.


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I’ve worked for a week now, but I’m still adjusting (badly) to the new schedule. Insomnia is the norm rather than the exception. Needless to say my enthusiasm for going out tonight waned and I stayed home hoping to get to sleep early. It didn’t work.


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It’s nice having some routine time. I’ve said before that the most enjoyable thing in my life is boredom. I like having a nice routine, with no drama or excitement. Even when I go out seeking social interaction and stimulation, it’s usually to a very quiet setting where I’m in little danger of encountering anything I can’t anticipate, control or easily digest.

The only time I resent routine is when it is something like routine denial or routine repression of what I really want to do. When I have a boring, enjoyable routine worked out, I can do it forever and not get sick of it.

A few hiccups are still in there - I’ve yet to find a convenient routine coffeehouse stop for my daily homeward commute, or a routine coffee night with friends, or a routine 7pm goth night somewhere, or a routine naked bear pool party, but I’m sure in time…

Routine Too

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Just thought I’d mention, though, that there’s one routine I enjoy above all others, and I’ll “keep” him as long as he needs… I hope you find work, too, baby, but that’s just coz I hope to see you cheer up. You know you can be my kept boy forever, seeing as I love you more than anything else in the world and all…

Whilst My Levee Gently Weeps

Posted in Friends on August 29th, 2005 by Дмитрий

The weekend: lots of time in the car. We spent some time in Ashville (which I found rather overrated and useless) and drove through Hendersonville (which I wished we’d have had more time to explore). We’ve both been on the moody side lately, David due to his job-hunt frustrations, though I’m not sure what my excuse is. I think my own moodiness contributed to my being a less than pleasant traveling companion for a road trip. I intend to rectify that this coming weekend.


Being that it’s a holiday weekend, hopefully we’ll be enjoying another visit from a long-distance friend (whom I’ve yet to thank for the birthday present) and maybe taking another trip. This week my goal is to avoid the internet and try to get some work done on our finances (I haven’t done a budget since May) and get back to the 3 or 4 books I’ve started and not finished, not to mention the 2 months’ worth of back-issues of The Economist and BusinessWeek.


To Poppy’s critters and all the other soggy children of the night who are braving armageddon in New Orleans right now, my thoughts are with you… The pictures from ground zero so far are very depressing. It truly makes me wish we’d spent more time in the sinking city when we visited in June. Hopefully something will be left should we return…

Ground Zero

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The pictures from ground zero so far are very depressing. It truly makes me wish we’d spent more time in the sinking city when we visited in June. Hopefully something will be left should we return…

A Quick Economics Lesson, Kiddies:

Posted in Economics on August 31st, 2005 by Дмитрий
  • The raw (pre-tax, pre-regulation) price of a commodity is determined by Supply and Demand
  • Gasoline reserves, oil mining, and refining capacity for the US market have been reduced by between 10-12% over the next 3-6 months (though relatively unchanged for the past 3-5 days, since nearly all of the gasoline at stations was produced and refined months ago)
  • If all other factors stay static (including foreign production and global consumption), gas prices should therefore rise between 10-15% (allowing some wiggle room for labor and consumer inflation if the economy continues to expand)
  • The American motorist on Saturday had an average of 6/10 tank of gasoline (assuming 1990s studies on the average daily tank status collected by the USDE still apply)
  • On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today, just about all Americans have “filled up” due to being scared pussies about OMG!!1one!11 4-dollar gas!111!one!!11
  • The American motorist this evening has an average of 9/10 tank of galoline now (I speculate)
  • This means that within a period of 3 days, demand had spiked by 30% (if my assumptions are correct)
  • During that same 3 days, production has been relatively unchanged (over the next few weeks, of course, production will decline by between 10-12%, as noted earlier)
  • Hedge funds can only cash in when we’ve done our job of panicing and gassing up (thus satisfying the demand they’ve hedged on)

    Conclusion: It is not Madame Katrina’s fault our gas is so expensive, it is ours. If we would just have some balls and not play the panic game every time someone exclaims “OMG Gas Going Up!1!1one1!1!!!”, we might actually be able to cope with some more mild price swings in the commodity markets. It’s not the oil companies, it’s not His Duncelency the President, and it’s not OPEC (in this case)… It’s YOU!!!


    The only chaps who make out when we panic like this are the stooges who sell this junk to us. You’ve lined their pockets with another layer of gold. Better enjoy that smelly liquid you exchanged for it. It happens every few years - we’ve shown we don’t learn, so I’m sure it will happen again. That’s why hedge funds are getting filthy rich by playing the commodity markets these days. They bet that we’ll keep buying our Hummers and keep panicking every time the news talks about <firm-alarmist>The Price At The Pump</firm-alarmist>, and we never let them down.


    So, when you are fretting about the strange fact that the grubby capitalists and opportunists are benefiting from the quirks in the economy and cashing in on every “human tragedy”, maybe the problem isn’t some disaster or “the system”… Maybe the problem is you.

An Anniversary In and Of Itself

Posted in Family on August 31st, 2005 by Дмитрий

After work I will drive my 3/4-filled petrol-powered auto home to spend an evening with my traveling partner. I’ve shared a home with him for 3 years now. Two homes, actually. The first was a tiny old apartment in San Francisco’s SoMa ghetto. The next was a spacious new apartment in the ‘burbs of Charlotte.


They’ve both been the only places I’ve ever wanted to be.