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I read The Mysteries of Pittsburgh tonight. Some things are best left behind with youth, no matter how much they meant to you. And like this story taught me, nostalgia is that which comforts you because it is forever unattainable…

Urban Legends

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The best article I’ve read in a real long time on the state of Urban America:

Urban Legends

One quote:

“The American metropolis can be more than a way station for the wealthy young and part-time destination for the nomadic rich. It can be a place where average people live, thrive, and build communities across lines of race and class. Now that would be a cool city.”

Gee, I felt like I was reading my own thoughts…

Vacation - All I Ever Wanted

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It’s a long way off, but I’ve managed to reserve time off for my vacation.

Here’s a (very) tentative itinerary:

  • 14-15 Oct: Somewhere in Ohio
  • 15-20 Oct: Chicago
  • 20-22 Oct: Detroit
  • 22-26 Oct: Toronto
  • 26-27 Oct: Somewhere in New York or Pennsylvania
  • 27-28 Oct: Somewhere in Pennsylvania or West Virginia or back home

The agenda: eat. Take pictures. Drive a lot. Maybe meet up with netbuddies in the vicinity. Feel free to suggest or get in touch.

A Eulogy for the Used Bookshoppe

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One of the real casualties of the changes in the consumer market of the past decade or so has been the good used book or record store. They don’t really exist anymore, as far as I’m concerned, and here’s why:

I’m a ‘list shopper’. I have limited resources and thus must choose those things I intend to buy. If I can afford to buy some records or some books, I take my (extensive, I must emphasize) list to the respective shop and try to find something from the list. I am invariably frustrated and demoralized by the consequent lack of results from this activity. I can never find the things I want. I have been convinced, by such innovations as Ebay and Amazon, that what I want can be found, and that there is someone out there waiting to sell it to me. But the limited scale of the brick-and-mortar store does a miserable job of providing an outlet for this reality anymore.

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Airline Hell

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I was actually in the air somewhere over the deep south when the TSA discovered yet another way to make air travel the most unpleasant travel experience of all…

I’m having little panic attacks these days thinking about all the 5-6 hour transcontinental flights I have yet to make this year, and the fact that I can not longer bring water with me for that long haul. And the fact that I have been on at least half a dozen planes in the past year that have RUN OUT of beverages before even making one pass through the cabin for beverage service.

What really irks me is the expicit, repeated exception I hear: baby formula, baby food and breast milk is OK for passengers travelling with infants. I hate people that have children - sorry if this is any of you - but cortch-droppers get too many privelages in this society. They and their babies should have to drink stale soda and pretzels or go partched for 6 hours too… I’d rather deal with the death screams of a dehydrated sprog than let those pieces of genetic flotsam get one more privelage at my expense.

How long til you think some terrorists find a way to make explosives that look like puree of split pea and enlist the services of an infant Warrior of Allah for their next big battle with the Great Satan?

Hell Is…

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… Working at 56k at the hotel room…



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Pumpkin Spice Lattes have come early this year. I have the feeling it’s going to be a sp00kier than average season. Yay.