Two Years In the Richmond

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It’s all too rare that I write much about the rather unexciting, everyday facts of my life: the things that, ultimately, most people don’t really care about. But they are important for the sake of memories to me. They are something I should be documenting to remind myself that, even if it’s unexciting, stuff does happen to me.

Tomorrow I will be moving house in my temporary part-time home of San Francisco. I have spent most of the past two years, when here, in the Richmond District. It was on purpose: when I was staying in hotels, I consciously sought out a little-known hotel in this area because I had loved this neighborhood pretty much since I first spent any time in it six or seven years ago. It was an acceptable little hotel, and when I decided I needed something more semi-permanent and comfortable, I decided to find an apartment room in the same area. Now the time has come where I will be moving this home to a new part of the city: essentially my “third” neighborhood, after the Richmond, and the SOMA neighborhood in which I first lived when I moved in with David in 2002.

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Souper Tuesday

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I can’t vote next week, being a North Carolina resident, but I’m quite exposed to the severity of the presidential campaign whilst in California lately.

Isn’t it somewhat pathetic that this is the most exciting presidential election any of us are likely to see for most of our lives? And I’m sure I’m not the only one contemplating the significance of a national party in the USA whose only two contenders for the highest national elected post are a woman and an African.

Even if we end up with McCain winning the spot in the end, I don’t think I’ll ever again take seriously those hand-wringers who talk continually about the social monopoly held by conservatives and bigots.


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Are we doing stupid things like this

Or this?

Weapons of Mass Slumber

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I left work tonight, heading for the subway for my commute home. I approached Market Street and suddenly noticed hundreds - nay, thousands - of people racing toward the Embarcadero.

I shuddered and my heart sank… Oh my gawd! I thought - what could it be? A bombing? Terrorists? Was there an earthquake and I didn’t feel it?

No. It was a Pillow Fight.

Bureaucratic Overreach, or Just the Era of Bad Food?

Posted in Regrettable Food on February 20th, 2008 by Дмитрий

So… I was enjoying some Sour Cream this morning…

And realized that it had this scary disclaimer (sorry for blurryness, the printing really was that bad)…

That’s right, kiddies… Something called Sour CREAM has MILK in it!!1!!!1!one!111!1

Gee, we’re sure jaded about the pervasiveness of soy- and corn-based manufactured foods that we don’t trust our cream to contain cream… Sigh…

The Ominous Parallels

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About 6 years ago I wrote this piece about the parallels between Green Party policy goals today and the policies of national socialism early in the 20th century. I was mostly shooting from the hip, making an emotional tirade out of my innate fear of the society that Green power had the potential to produce.

I still have that fear, but here’s an article, sent in by a reader, by someone else that addresses the same parallels as mine, only it’s well-cited and researched, and gives some great real-life examples of the parallels between the neo-Nazi BNP in England and the British/European Green party policies.

One quote by a commenter that I especially liked:

The Greens are different [from] the BNP: the Greens have power, they are driving EU environmental policy, they have you paranoid about which bin to use. The BNP can only dream about power like that.

Don’t Bother Getting Off at Cole

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Because, no - there is no breakfast anywhere in Cole Valley.

Oh, and this is what “breakfast” is, in case you were wondering.


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Rah. Taxes done. I was better at prepaying last year than in 2006 so I didn’t owe as much penalty/interest. Still owed a little, which in my opinion is better than a refund, since it means I got to have that money during the year rather than the IRS.

Now, once David gets his taxes done and we get those paid (hopefully by end of March), our finances can return to “normal” for another 8 or 9 months (whatever that is).

Someone You Might Know…

Posted in Family on February 27th, 2008 by Дмитрий

…Was in the Newspaper today.

I’m so proud of my famous hubby!