Posted in Mac on July 12th, 2008 by Дмитрий

Like a lemming, I bought an iPhone yesterday. Unlike a lemming, I didn’t have to wait in line for it. Rather than take time off work to spend hours in line for several days being repeatedly told they’re out of stock on the 16-Black (Apple being notorious for creating intentional supply-chain problems to generate “hype” through false scarcity), I just placed a special order with my local AT&T store and will be getting my phone at my leisure a week or so from now. I can then go into the store a few minutes before closing on the day of my choosing, and the only like I’ll have to wait in is the checkout like, if there is any (which is unlikely).

But I must say I am looking forward to having one device to act as my phone, iPod and voice recorder for my language lessons. Yay for multi-function fun!

iPhone Verdict

Posted in Mac on July 31st, 2008 by Дмитрий

There is lots of digital drool going around about all sorts of ‘problems’ with the iPhone. I just don’t get it.

Yaw, there are some things that the iPhone could theoretically do that it doesn’t. There’s also lots of stuff that most politicians could theoretically do and don’t. The key is recognizing when then things at least do lots of stuff they didn’t do before.

The iPhone kicks ass pretty much in every way imaginable. And this is coming from someone who for the past year has been using a zippy 3G SmartPhone with a web browser and a keyboard and a 2-megapixel camera. If iPhone can impress me, I don’t understand why it can’t impress Joe Mobile who just ditched his crappy monochrome Samsung clamshell.

Basically, iPhone is quite possibly the coolest, most satisfyingly wonderful electronic device I’ve ever purchased.

I’m only ‘sort of’ a gadget person. By this I mean that I likes my gadgets but I don’t necessarily have to always be on the ‘cutting edge’, and I’m usually happy waiting for new technology to be tried out on those with heftier means than I. Thus I went iPhoning at iteration two rather than last year at 1.1. This was done, actually, not just because I did not want to pay to be market research, but also because the month prior to iPhone’s release I’d been forced into the Windows Mobile world (and a 1 year contract) by work. It was nice that it coincided though, coz it made me feel better about holding off on my iPhone splurging.

The thing is like a powerful, beautiful little computer with the most robust audio conferencing software in the world built in, with no attachments required to operate it. iPhone is truly Apple’s Coup de Gras and they deserve everything the hype machine is throwing at them. Not sure they deserve all the whining and complaining that seems more ubiquitous than the praise, but I assume it’s bound to happen. Happleheads are are fickle bunch.