About the Journal Archives

I started a weblog back in 2001, when it was still called an online journal. I actually even used to have one on my old college webpage in the mid-90s, but any exidence of that has long since left this world.

I once held the domain ‘hyaena.org’, which existed maily as an amateur music tribute page for my favorite band, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Only a year after that domain expired, I bought ‘thehyaena.net’ and slapped up some quick entries in raw HTML.

Before long, I decided the domain I’d purchased was too silly and weighty and moved it all to ‘murderingmouth.com’, where it lived more or less until late 2006. During that time, I walked away from it for a year after my move to San Francisco in 2002, after which it reappeared on my new opportunistic domain of ‘monstrouslyoffensive.com’. It returned to its former murderinghome in early 2006 when its old home expired, only to die a slow death due to apathy as my work schedule led me to be less and less inclined to have anything to talk about other than how little was going on in my life.

It died almost entirely after I moved it to iWeb in 2006. iWeb sucked and it sucked most of the life out of my journaling. After a couple years of struggling to keep caring I discovered Wordpress and I’ve thus been rediscovering my own website at the same time.

The main purpose I have in posting my archives here is to revisit my past, and maybe even find a few links to it, as well as provide people at last with the ability to make racy comments about it. In some cases, the actual entries have been changed because I felt like it, but in most cases I’ve made some sort of note about it in grey italics.

A few entries are still missing, since I have to manually translate them into Wordpress one-by-one, and it will be a very slow and gradual process. In some cases, I may never put them here because they don’t do much for me anymore. They still exist deep in my own personal archives, but they are no longer fit for public consumption. Sorry.