Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30

Posted in Evil, Urbanism on October 15th, 2005 by Дмитрий

I think I know the single largest flaw in modern civilization: youth. Shouldn’t our wondrous cloning technologies and life-extending nanotech and biotech revolutions have rendered this horrible thing obsoloete by now?


All I want is to live in a big, dense, thriving city where the average age is 65 and there is no one under 40 (except me, since I’m over 40 in everything but body). Is that too much to ask?

Contemplating Oligarchy

Posted in Evil on December 12th, 2005 by Дмитрий

I think that, philosophically, I have determined that I can only really stomach one type of political order: oligarchy.


By this, I mean that I think all other forms of political order are morally wrong. Oligarchy is acceptable because it allows no one to control anyone else without concrete, physical or intellectual force (eg, the biggest brain which can therefore invent the biggest guns). If you are confident enough in your mental powers, oligarchy is a pretty just system, since the smartest and ablest (or at least he most capable of brokering power deals) wins.


One thing I have lost all confidence and agreement with is democracy. By and large, the least able and most pathetic are the ones who end up ruling the roost. Just look at our President. He’s made it to power by appealing to the good-ol-boy hicks of the nation. They like him because of his denim jeans and unending smirks. They like him because he stumbles over every big word he tries to pronounce and doesn’t threaten them intellectually. He is out to grab power for the little guy - meaning the man of small mental capacity - the man of small ability. The man whose only survival skill is asking his pastor to smite his enemy or his neighbor to grab the rifles and white robes and jump into the SUV with him.


Democracy keeps great intellect in check - most men of great mental prowess believe so wholeheartedly in the superiority of democratic law that they refuse to dominate men of lesser ability. Democracy does not nurture talent, but rewards those who can pander to the lowest common denominator. All durable, swiftly growing economies in history demonstrated some form of oligarchy, where the rule of law was strong, but the laws were determined by the few rather than the many - the few being the most able. America at its peak during the industrial revolution was an oligarchy. China is an oligarchy.


I hate democracy. It means rule of the trash of society and I’m sick of the society it’s created in my own country. It is philosophically equal to every other populist philosophy which purports to desire to bring the “greatest good to the greatest many” - and personally, I think I’m better than that.

Pave Everything. Spare Nothing.

Posted in Evil on May 29th, 2006 by Дмитрий

Quote of the day:


Mother Nature is a faghag.
A loud and gaudy old bitch.
How do I shut these fucking birds up?
I’m besieged! All these ugly bees spreading pollen from those slutty little flowers.
All those small furry creatures screwing like animals out in the open.
Disgraceful, I say.
Pave everything. Spare nothing.

Don’t Let Me Entertain You

Posted in Evil on October 1st, 2006 by Дмитрий

The key is boredom. Most people welcome a challenge. Some will even thrive on insults. There are those who find it stimulating simply soaking up another’s presence without a word being spoken. But no one likes boredom.


Egalitarianism is a condition whereby society is governed by the whim of its most inferior members, whose strength lies solely in numbers.

- From “The Devil’s Notebook”, by Anton LaVey.