Inconveniences Abound

Posted in Food, Friends on June 14th, 2002 by Дмитрий

A very dry past couple of weeks here, I admit. I just don’t have much to say other than the complaints about the really inconvenient happenings in my financial world. And those are boring to anyone who isn’t dependent upon said world. I hung out with Lauren last night. We were having fun eating sammiches and watching the satellite, but by 8ish we were also about to pass out. Maybe Subway spikes their bread with hash or something…

So tonight I should finally get to see my baby . That should greatly improve my mood - at least for the weekend - none of which any of you will read about, since I don’t plan on being back to this page until Monday. Everyone have a fun weekend. Have you hugged your father lately?


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So I finally got everying working here on Pair . Soon I should have the forwarding working for the other domains. Then will come the project of another refurbishment, starting with changing that damn navigation graphic. If only I currently had an adequate image editor… If anything seems out of wack or disfunctional, let me know .

In other news, the past weekend included the following:

Catching up on sleep 
The Penninsula 
Impulse purchases 
Home cookin’ 
More home cookin’ 
More driving 
More sex 
Assistance from a real web designer

You’ll notice it was a rather depraved weekend. But At least now I have some tips for improving this site a little. And I have discovered that you Netscape users really need to Switch . Now. Why anyone is still using Netscape, I still fail to comprehend.

David and I drove down the peninsula after a hearty breakfast, taking the scenic 280 route, stopping by a killer old Dairy Queen , thrift shops (where I still failed to find any good work clothes), and Fry’s . We shamelessly caved in to a bout of consumerism. Then back up the 101 to the ghetto Safeway and home in time to start the pork roast and watch some Cops. Sunday’s drive was to the Über-Longs in Oakland, followed by a short tour of the seedier side of said city, lunch at the Emeryville Food Court (DO NOT get the Mediterranean food from the front counter - I got ripped off and accused of stealing!), and a loop through the downtown of San Francisco, where we reflected on the empty space where the Embarcadero Freeway once stood…

Only one week left to get your presents sent. My birthday is officially next Sunday, 30 June. But I’m holding the event this coming Saturday 29 June at Club Fred . Actually, for those who may be in the Fresno area and would like to attend, here’s the low-down: We’ll be starting with a pizza party at the Tower District Me-N-Ed’s around 8pm on Saturday evening. Then we’ll stumble on over to Fred’s, where the agenda includes Sippy ,Bowling and the 69ers . The Fred’s line-up is a coincidence, but it’s sure convenient. Everyone who wants to come along and celebrate the beginning of my second quarter-century is invited to attend the pizza party. You can contact me if you need better directions…


Posted in Food, Friends on August 8th, 2002 by Дмитрий

I joined Lauren for Me-N-Eds this evening. Much pizza was eaten, and I feel fat and happy (as if there’s any other accompanying way to feel when you feel fat :) 
Lauren and I tend to discuss things from very similar perspectives, and I always like that. Lauren knows a lot about adversity, from a psychological standpoint, and so it always helps me when I’m contemplating very important issues to talk things over with her. I hope I provide the same kind of unbeatable counsel she provides me.

Now to bide my time and get to bed early so that I can be well-rested for my baby tomorrow. I love the fact that he’s just as eager and mushy about my imminent arrival as I am about it…


Posted in Food on September 30th, 2005 by Дмитрий

I’m becoming more of a food snob as the years go on. In my mind, “food snob” means something different than what most people think. What I’ve been finding is that I’m far more interested in food and eating as an activity, and I’m focusing more and more on quality.


A lot of people who consider themselves “food snobs” are actually just picky and have no taste. They claim that something is “bad” when in fact they just don’t want to expand their palate. I want to try as many new and strange and interesting foods as I can. I want to experiment with tastes and and techniques. I want to find the most obscure and grotesque and relish every bite.


At the same time, I’m losing my interest in low-quality, lazy foods… I still grab a handful of potato chips or a McBreakfast now and then, but I’m finding them totally unsatisfying and uninteresting (even, dare I say it, Taco Bell is boring me to an extent these days). I find that I can taste quality even more pronouncedly than I can taste any other factor in food.


What I’m trying to say is that I’m less likely to exclaim “Ew” at the expertly roasted pig snouts than the cold McBurger. At least I know some thought and discretion went into the former. And at least I know my chances of eating it again soon are slimmer. Scarcity and quality are the factors that make an economically-minded brain like mine tick…


…That’s not to say I’ll turn down a good burger. I love burgers. It’s just that I have trouble finding the “good” part. And ultimately, I do admit to being a slave to my apetite. If I’m hungry, I’ll still eat just about anything handy, alas.

Pizza Night

Posted in Food on October 4th, 2005 by Дмитрий

Tonight I try my hand at making another pizza. The last one turned out pretty good, but this one will be a bit simpler.


David’s side will be just pepperoni, tomato sauce and mozzerella. My side will be crushed tomatoes, mozzerella, gorgonzola, crushed walnuts and diced habanera.


About a week from this very moment I should be landing in San Francisco for my month-long stint as a globetrotting accounting consulting crack whore. Any remaining SF readers who want to share some coffee or buscuits with me during such time feel free to get in touch.


Posted in Food on October 6th, 2005 by Дмитрий

I’ve decided that my favorite dish from the Prime Dinner in June were the Oxtail Raviolli. They had this strong, powerful, earthy Beef flavor. Since then, my cravings for beef have exploded. More than anything, I crave that specific beefy flavor that only certain parts of the cow, unadorned and of high quality can provide.


It’s sad, because steakhouses tend to season their beef so much as to make them nothing but a pile of salt and ketchup, and the price of good bone-in beef cuts at the grocer are outrageous right now. I’m basically stuck with stewbeef, cubesteak or ground chuck with my budget.


The only solution is to bust the budget just once in the next few days while I still have the chance to cook for myself. I’m thinking either a beef pan pie or simple chopped roast over rice. Alas, I long for the future day when I have a grill on which to properly cook my beef, preferably one which burns wood…

Chile Habanero

Posted in Food on October 6th, 2005 by Дмитрий

I’ve found myself enjoying the taste of habanero pepper a lot more lately. It’s what I’m using as my hot flavoring of choice. I’ve been putting it in pizza, soup, tacos, etc. I’m topping my eggs with it at breakfast and I’m sprinkling it on my sammiches. The only big exception is that I’m still using serrano for my salsa. Habanero is just a little too sweet.


Produce is really cheap at the Compare Foods stores here, and I’m going crazy with the stuff. Tomatillo .99/lb, roma tomato .79/lb, serrano .99/lb, habanero 2.99/lb (and who on earth ever buys more than a pound of peppers at once?)… I feel my belly burning with enjoyment…


Anyone have a suggestion on the best hot “stuffing peppers” other than jalapeno? Bell peppers are a little on the bland/bitter side for me (and pablanos aren’t much different - neither have any heat), I want something with a bit more kick, but still large and thick enough to withstand stuffing and baking.

Shall We Meet for Dinner?

Posted in Food on November 19th, 2005 by Дмитрий

I was chatting with the hubby about the fact that I seem only capable of socializing when there is the promise of food (or at least coffee)…


Is that bad? At the very least it shields me from having to associate with tweakers, dieters and militant vegans :)

Late Night Xmas Snack

Posted in Food on December 25th, 2005 by Дмитрий

“Pickles in a blanket”


  • Place two thin slices of Wal-Mart Deli Olive Loaf on a plate

  • Cover with one thin slice of Wal-Mart Deli Mozzerella cheese

  • Place a quartered pickle spear on edge of cheese-loaf stack

  • Roll pickle spear into cheese-loaf stack

  • Eat.

I know most people will find this totally vile. However, if there are 3 dead things I love more than anythiing else, they are minced and formed meat, cheese, and salt. This has it all.


More Xmas retrospective as the week goes on, provided I have a desk and computer handy; otherwise, wait. Or don’t.

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Bad Mushrooms

Posted in Food on March 15th, 2006 by Дмитрий

So, David and I long ago decided that the Mellow Mushroom was the best pizza in town. Good ingredients, unpretentious, and not a huge boozer crowd.


However, we’ve had some service issues the past couple times we went to the North Charlotte location (N Davidson and 36th). I’ve usually given them the benefit of the doubt, since it often seems like when we get there that there are an inordinate amount of uncleared tables, leading me to believe that they just got swamped and it threw them off.


In cases where that is true, I’m actually glad for the slightly longer waits, since I know I prefer that to being there when the crowds were there.


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Sad Day for Cookie Lovers

Posted in Economics, Food, Geekdom on October 9th, 2008 by Дмитрий

A fixture from my childhood will soon be no more. I used to eat these little animal frosties by the handful. They were the most ubiquitous cookies found around family homes in my social circles and those of my parents. Inevitably someone would bring them to class whenever it was treat day. I will miss them terribly, even though I haven’t had any in a long time. Luckily, I can munch on this haul until December or January when they’ll start to go bad. One bag will be placed in state in our own grocery store museum.


Mother's Last Cookies