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Now typing in the afterglow of a wonderful weekend with David. I like him more & more every time I see him. And it’s not scaring me anymore.

Not much more to report today. Just a “cheer up” going out to Murray. Things will still shape up one of these days…

Your Gravity, It Pulls Me Through…

Posted in Friends on January 15th, 2002 by Дмитрий

Superfluid Helium 3 has a new music download site at IUMA. It looks like I’m actually gonna have to brave the Gravity Bar in north Fresno in order to catch those guys next month… Pity.

In other news, the first day of interviews landed me who I think will be our next hire. I don’t want to write off tomorrow’s interviewees, but I really doubt anyone will be able to match the person we saw today. Finally, my application for friendship with a certain Becky lady has been graciously accepted. I’m blushing.

Here’s to a stress-free payday.

But Not Tonight

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An increadibly beautiful, breezy and cool day today. It’s also payday. And I’m seeing Amy for coffee for the first time in 3 weeks. I’m happy today.

Bloody Me

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I’m pleased to announce that Amy is now one of us. She’s been one of my best friends for almost 10 years, and now she’s even cooler than before. Well, best friend who isn’t more than a friend, that is…

The weather is still spectacularly pleasant and coastal-breezy today. I love it. I wish David was feeling as pleasant as I. Hopefully I can help him out with that tomorrow…

Pizza Nite

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Pizza with Lauren tonight. I owe her big-time these days. It’s nice to have friends in high places…

Only 4 more excruciatingly long days…


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Car still in the shop. I have a zippy little Chevy Prizm rental in the meantime. She’s smooth and quiet and feels suspiciously like a Carolla inside and out, but she gets me around. A thousand apologies to Andrea , who beat Duncan to the punch on the birthday present , but didn’t manage to get it from the list …

Them Wish Lists are convenient for advertizing your desires to far-away friends, but it sure don’t work well for inter-friend communication unless the rules are followed… And it will never be perfect until Amazon starts offering one-on-one naked sessions with porn stars… Or even run-of-the-mill celebs for that matter…

Inconveniences Abound

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A very dry past couple of weeks here, I admit. I just don’t have much to say other than the complaints about the really inconvenient happenings in my financial world. And those are boring to anyone who isn’t dependent upon said world. I hung out with Lauren last night. We were having fun eating sammiches and watching the satellite, but by 8ish we were also about to pass out. Maybe Subway spikes their bread with hash or something…

So tonight I should finally get to see my baby . That should greatly improve my mood - at least for the weekend - none of which any of you will read about, since I don’t plan on being back to this page until Monday. Everyone have a fun weekend. Have you hugged your father lately?


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A snarky, vapid piece on the front page of Saturday’s Chronicle inspired me to write my first new rant in a long time, regarding the recent debate on hate crimes legislation. The author advocated mob rule through unchecked democracy, and hate crimes legislation as a just means of enforcing official government ideology. “Democracy” and “hate” are call words which make the brainless ballast of society perk up and start their shrill screaming; but actually making people understand what they’re screaming about is seldom the point of journalism. Would that journalists were more interested in reporting unslanted news and rational arguments than simply contrubiting to the ever-increasing shrillness of the screaming.

In other news, I had yet another wonderful weekend with David . We ate. A lot. We shopped. And we finally managed to meet up with Sister Betty Does . Much fun was had. I even managed to drink half a beer without feeling like crap the next day. Sunday involved a refreshingly drama-free barbecue with Dad. Tritip, potato salad and pork-n-beans. I’m still feeling the effects…


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So I finally got everying working here on Pair . Soon I should have the forwarding working for the other domains. Then will come the project of another refurbishment, starting with changing that damn navigation graphic. If only I currently had an adequate image editor… If anything seems out of wack or disfunctional, let me know .

In other news, the past weekend included the following:

Catching up on sleep 
The Penninsula 
Impulse purchases 
Home cookin’ 
More home cookin’ 
More driving 
More sex 
Assistance from a real web designer

You’ll notice it was a rather depraved weekend. But At least now I have some tips for improving this site a little. And I have discovered that you Netscape users really need to Switch . Now. Why anyone is still using Netscape, I still fail to comprehend.

David and I drove down the peninsula after a hearty breakfast, taking the scenic 280 route, stopping by a killer old Dairy Queen , thrift shops (where I still failed to find any good work clothes), and Fry’s . We shamelessly caved in to a bout of consumerism. Then back up the 101 to the ghetto Safeway and home in time to start the pork roast and watch some Cops. Sunday’s drive was to the Über-Longs in Oakland, followed by a short tour of the seedier side of said city, lunch at the Emeryville Food Court (DO NOT get the Mediterranean food from the front counter - I got ripped off and accused of stealing!), and a loop through the downtown of San Francisco, where we reflected on the empty space where the Embarcadero Freeway once stood…

Only one week left to get your presents sent. My birthday is officially next Sunday, 30 June. But I’m holding the event this coming Saturday 29 June at Club Fred . Actually, for those who may be in the Fresno area and would like to attend, here’s the low-down: We’ll be starting with a pizza party at the Tower District Me-N-Ed’s around 8pm on Saturday evening. Then we’ll stumble on over to Fred’s, where the agenda includes Sippy ,Bowling and the 69ers . The Fred’s line-up is a coincidence, but it’s sure convenient. Everyone who wants to come along and celebrate the beginning of my second quarter-century is invited to attend the pizza party. You can contact me if you need better directions…


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Sitting at Avalon last night, sipping a peach cider with Amy , I started reflecting on how lucky I am to have such a sane, rational and beautiful boy in my life. I think I tend to be cynical about my life too often, but then I hear about some of the things other people are going through, and realize I’m doing pretty damn good. I love you, baby.

And it looks like I’ll get to see you sooner than I thought…

Long Lost

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I got an email today from a long-lost epal; someone who I honestly regretted losing touch with several years ago in my (previous) Banshee-obsessed heyday (eg. the days of hyaena.org). Sometimes its incredibly fun to reminisce, even if I’m only doing it in private. Catching up is always enjoyable, especially when there’s still old mutual grudges festering. I’m easy to get along with when I’ve got something to nag about.

Bribe Rejected

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Thanks are due to David, Steve, KC, Andrea, Sister Betty DoesBecky, and the numerous others that have sent in advice and thoughts over the past couple days. I didn’t originally think I’d reach my decision so quickly, but a sincere critical scruitinizing of the whole situation last night gave me my answer. I’m glad David supports my decision, and I think everything will be OK.


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I joined Lauren for Me-N-Eds this evening. Much pizza was eaten, and I feel fat and happy (as if there’s any other accompanying way to feel when you feel fat :) 
Lauren and I tend to discuss things from very similar perspectives, and I always like that. Lauren knows a lot about adversity, from a psychological standpoint, and so it always helps me when I’m contemplating very important issues to talk things over with her. I hope I provide the same kind of unbeatable counsel she provides me.

Now to bide my time and get to bed early so that I can be well-rested for my baby tomorrow. I love the fact that he’s just as eager and mushy about my imminent arrival as I am about it…


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I knew I was a whimp. But today I overcame it a little. Rather than ignoring the fact that the girl I saw on the bus every day looked a lot like my old high school buddy Kelly, I snapped as we stepped off at the same stop: “Is your name Kelly?” and guess what? It was.

It’s strange how paths can cross so closely after so many years. We’ve been in and out of contact since high school (10 years, gawd!), maybe an annual email or so… And now I find she works around the corner from my own office…

Just thought I’d post it here to remember it happened. I might actually discover more people I remember in this world if I’d just speak up more often…

Whilst My Levee Gently Weeps

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The weekend: lots of time in the car. We spent some time in Ashville (which I found rather overrated and useless) and drove through Hendersonville (which I wished we’d have had more time to explore). We’ve both been on the moody side lately, David due to his job-hunt frustrations, though I’m not sure what my excuse is. I think my own moodiness contributed to my being a less than pleasant traveling companion for a road trip. I intend to rectify that this coming weekend.


Being that it’s a holiday weekend, hopefully we’ll be enjoying another visit from a long-distance friend (whom I’ve yet to thank for the birthday present) and maybe taking another trip. This week my goal is to avoid the internet and try to get some work done on our finances (I haven’t done a budget since May) and get back to the 3 or 4 books I’ve started and not finished, not to mention the 2 months’ worth of back-issues of The Economist and BusinessWeek.


To Poppy’s critters and all the other soggy children of the night who are braving armageddon in New Orleans right now, my thoughts are with you… The pictures from ground zero so far are very depressing. It truly makes me wish we’d spent more time in the sinking city when we visited in June. Hopefully something will be left should we return…