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So I’m now perusing the Marython from yesterday. Seems I’m not the only one who was as enthused about the event in Minneapolis. Now I want to go there even more. Seems that’s where all the cute boys are these days… Of course, one particularly cute boy is slightly closer than Minneapolis… Unfortunately, I will be missing his presence this weekend…

In the meantime, I spent the evening creating a tour of my home . David’s done some work at his super-duper hobby project site . You simply must visit it. You’ll definitely know more about Fresno now… I leave for Mama’s place in the morning. Miss you, baby.

There’s a Killer on the Loose…

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And am I the only one who thought it was a bad idea for Fox to try to win the sweeps by having “last episodes” of all their shows? Great management decision there - let’s cancel everything! People are sure to watch us then!

The mind-numbing hunt for a new job continues. If any of the people reading this blog need a productive, opinionated office worker in the San Francisco Bay Area, I now have my resume posted in HTML… But if I didn’t have such an important motivation to move, I’d have given up already.


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So I brought Amy over for movie night - mostly because it was just too darn tootin’ hot fer coffee. And sure as heck I wos right - she gee golly thought my new birthday gift was just the most amazin’ talkie she’d seen in ages, dontchaknow!

Well, of course, that is after all her favorite girlie movies. I do love my lipstick lesbian friends, youbetcha.

One thing about that talkie - watchin’ the prgnant lady eatin’ all that darn tasty food in the homey-lookin’ cafeteria does sure make me get a bustin’ case of the munchies, yah.

From Camper’s Log:

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I have an idea for the next series of [anti-smoking] ads. They should buy ad time at the Superbowl.

Black television screen. White lettering. No music, just words. 
“This ad cost {insert millions of dollars figure here} to air” 
“It was paid for with taxes on cigarette sales.” 
“We have 9 billion dollars left over.” 
“When you smoke, you’re sending a dollar a pack to the government.” 
“And we’re just going to waste it.”

That would make me quit. And I’d appreciate the honesty.

Potty Mouth Park

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Some thoughts surfacing from the current joust I’m having with a fellow cartoon fan:

I find South Park funny. I like poking fun at easy targets (as well as socially taboo targets). But I don’t really hold any high intellectual or social esteem for the show’s creators. They’re a cute queer couple, even if they’re totally closeted. I will defend my habit of watching South Park, too. I don’t even consider it a guilty pleasure. I have, however, been given some very good stimulation lately which has led me to make my first real objective analysis of South Park and its creators.

Offensive humour which is well-thought and properly directed (even if the source or direction is at odds with ones’ personal views) can be appreciated. In fact, it’s my favorite. My own brand of social commentary is, in most cases, confrontational and deconstructionist. The word for Parker-Stones’ methodology here, however, is “reactive” (which I would say is different from “reactionary”).

South Park/Parker-Stone don’t obviously portray any identifiable set of agendas. Even I, who remain a rather big fan of South Park and their other projects, would never be able to capsulize what “Point of View” these pieces necessarily offer. It seems that the main agenda, if one can possibly be assigned, is what I’ll call “deconstruction”. Maybe even just “destruction”.

These pieces seem set on annihilating anything which seems to portray principle, without necessarily offering any principles to fill the consequent vaccuum. I think that the majority of the masses, when demonstrating their principles, are totally wrong-headed and embarrassing about it (such as Sean Penn in Baghdad, idiots shutting down downtown SF to protest the War, etc.), and deserve to have a piss taken on them.

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Let’s Talk Geek-to-Geek Here

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What’s the deal with “Star Wars”? I just don’t get it. These are the following reasons I could see it being enjoyable:

  • You took part in the making/marketing/financing of it
  • You are a graphic artist or computer animator
  • You are a costume designer
  • You slept with someone or married someone who is one of the above

If one of these don’t apply, I just don’t understand. I would even be willing to bow to the gods of fandom. But could so many MILLIONS of people REALLY be such huge fans of this? I tried sitting through a Star Wars movie (Ep I, I believe), but it seemed to be all style and no substance, and even the style seemed contrived and cliche. Shallow plot, shallow characters, predictable from a to z. I just don’t get it.

And I’m really, really sorry, since I know there are LOTS of geeky things I do that others don’t understand and can’t comprehend. But the Star Wars bug is so pernicious on my friends and links list right now, and it’s really scaring me…


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One problem with enjoying something which I truly love is that it leaves me rather jaded about enjoying much else in the world in its absense…

Cases in point:

I love reading Poppy Z. Brite. Her prose transports me to a world where every facet of her characters are as vivid and colourful as if they were seated beside me relating the details of their lives, loves, and desires. Her books and short stories don’t really contain anything profound or important on a social or philosophical level, but I truly and deeply fall in love with her characters. They are as intimately familiar to me as the people I’ve met and spent my time with any other day of my life. With their addictions and dysfunctions and mistakes and also their virtues. When the story ends, it’s incredibly hard for me to move on to another book, magazine or other literary consumable: they all seem worthless and unimportant by comparison.

There are a select few musical acts whose sounds can make me gush with pleasure and emotional release… An incomplete list includes Siouxsie, Interpol, Tool, The Cure, Faith & the Muse, Information Society, and New Order… It sounds like a lot of bands, but in fact it’s a select grouping of special musical acts which affect me like no others. I’ll often flirt with other sounds here and there, but if I sit quietly through an entire selected album by one of the aforementioned artists, I’m ruined for music for a day or so… It all sounds like trashy noise, devoid of emotion or importance.

I have the most wonderful man in the world to call mine. Like an old song, the very thought of him makes me smile and think of how happy he makes me. It’s like every detail of my life is laid out and vulnerable to someone who proceeds to treat it gently and carefully; and nurture me when I need it and avoid me when I need that more… It’s hard to be around people in this world when I’ve spent a lot of time with David - he’s so much better and more easy to love than anyone else. His love fits me like a glove and it takes lots of reflection to understand that my inabilities to communicate well with other people, build friendships, or spend much time with anyone else, are related not to my shortcomings, but to the mercilessly high standards which my time alone with him has set for me.

I am done gushing. You are now free to puke.

Screeds for your Friday Enjoyment

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I’m not a big fan of movies in general, but two recent movies (or at least their marketing and word-of-mouth, as I have not seen them) annoy me immensely: Brokeback Mountain and Nanny McPhee.


Nanny McPhee is being marketed as “The New Mary Poppins”. This may be potentially true as far as the story/plot goes (again, I’ve not seen it), but in terms of aesthetics, it is massively insulting to Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins was Practically Perfect in Every Way - Julie Anrdrews was gorgeous and stylish, with rosy cheeks and beautifully controlled hair. Nanny McPhee is self-consciously ugly - that seems to be a primary plot point, in fact. I assume the reason is that we are to be reminded that “looks don’t matter” (another misguided postmodern perception that no one ever takes seriously, I might add), but that alone should be a reason to avoid comparisons with Poppins, whose appearance alone was an important part of the story.


Brokeback Mountain’s mere existence has been pissing me off for months. I’ve skimmed past redundant reviews of the thing and seen numerous journalers comment on how “groundbreaking” it is… No - King of the Hill featuring the Gay Rodeo five years ago on prime-time TV was more ground-breaking, and even that wasn’t. I listen to sissy metrosexual straight guys talk about how important the movie is, thinking that it makes them seem sensitive and cosmopolitan. It don’t. I’m sick of these faggy coming-of-age-homo-martyr movies. If you want a movie about faggotry, fine. Just don’t try to act like it’s some huge important event. Fags have had movies for decades; Hollywood’s been out of the closet since the 50s. Homos aren’t victims anymore - just pussies who prefer to have people feel sorry for us than to stand up for ourselves, most of the time. The mere fact that every bit of commentary on Brokeback Mountain seems to play the ‘justice to sods’ card is proof that homos have a long way to go in seeing themselves as equals in society, a prerequisite for obtaining any semblance of ‘equality’.


Another jarring thing I came to realize last night is that there are now quite regular Spanish-language commercials on many English-language channels here in SF. The jarring part is that I didn’t even give it much notice until last night - either because the music of foreign tongues is one of the attractive parts of being in SF or because I’m growing immune to commercials in general (or at least the ones that don’t show some new shiny gadget I’m interested in).


A news story from the other morning: “Why staring can help you get a date - details on this new and increasingly popular technique” (italics mine). Now, pardon my stupidity, but isn’t this called cruising? And haven’t fags been doing it for decades/centuries? And didn’t straight people pick up on it quite a while ago as well? This ain’t news, especially not in Homo-Central.


I have more, but this entry’s too long already…

News Rant

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E! shares a channel with Bloomberg here. How much more inappropriate a pairing could there be? Luckily, E! is only on from 8am-2am, so I get to see my stock crack in the morning. Alas, that all changed this morning because we all know that live coverage of the Oscar nominations is more important than global finance and business news…


And why, oh why, is commercial news so addicted to live coverage? In 98% of all instances in which it is used, it is unnecessary. Live coverage is appropriate for major political speeches and breaking emergency news events, but it’s used for everything from minor interviews with non-celebs to being “live on the scene” hours or days after anything happened at said scene. How many times does one have to see a reporter in front of a dark store at 5.30am talking about the fact that it was robbed 18 hours ago?


Not only unnecessary, the addiction to live coverage makes news virtually unwatchable/unlistenable to me. I’d say about every 15 minutes of news I watch, I see at least one instance of the anchors having to interrupt those they’re interviewing or those on the street reporting because they’re ‘out of time’ - meaning they’ve lost control of their commercial fill. If they were pre-recording and pre-editing, their news cast would be glossy and professional, rather than jarring and annoying.


Oh, but I forgot. News is not about conveying knowledge and information, it’s about building celebrity and puffing up the self-importance of the reporter (or in the case of Fox News, the network). It’s not about the news, but about the newscaster’s relationship with the news. You don’t have to look any further than that skinny cracker piece of you-know-what Anderson Fucking Cooper, whose smirking mug is arguably more annoying than President Bush’s, not to mention the fact that it’s smeared on my TV more often than the President’s. That’s because he’s such an insightful reporter, able to whip up tears by patting the head of a Katrina survivor or whip up anger talking about the injustices in the world or whip up courage chatting with Iraqi soldiers (that’s called sarcasm, kiddies!).


Gawd, I hate commercial news. I want my fucking NPR. Or at least my fucking Economist.

Let Them In

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…Is the argument made very poetically by Jason L. Riley. My own views on the issue are largely identical, so this was an easy read.

But my favorite quote was the one that opened the book. A shiney nickel if you can guess who said it:

America is really many Americas. We call ourselves a nation of immigrants, and that’s truly what we are. We have drawn people from every corner of the Earth. We’re composed of virtually every race and religion, and not in small numbers, but large. We have a statue in New York Harbour that speaks of this - a statue of a woman holding a torch of welcome to those who enter our country to become Americans. She has greeted millions upon millions of immigrants to our country. She welcomes them still. She represents our open door.

All of the immigrants who came to us brought their own music, literature, customs, and ideas. And the marvelous thing, a thing of which we’re proud, is they did not have to relinquish these things in order to fit in. In fact, what they brought to America became American. And this diversity has more than enriched us; it has literally shaped us.

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Content Management for Dummies

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Hmmm… The Charlotte Observer should try a little harder to customize their php template. It’s obviously the same one 365Gay uses. The fact that even fairly large commercial sites are using out-of-the-box content management systems with little customizing is telling about how much they feel like investing in their web design…