Snogfest 3000

Posted in Naughty on November 16th, 2001 by Дмитрий

David’s coming to visit me this weekend, so I probably won’t be doing any updates or replying to any email if you sent it later than last night, because I’ll be too busy snogging. So there.


Posted in Naughty on February 11th, 2002 by Дмитрий

So I managed to host David for yet another great weekend. We did the Mexican food, the romantic steakhouse dinner, hung out with all my favorite lesbians and saw a kick-ass show at Club Fred featuring Fastback 69 and los Creepers. Captured it all in digital sound, the cleaning up and editing of which will probably consume my next couple evenings.

I also reflected upon the fact that David is probably a real anomaly - not just for me but for anyone. Where else do you find a guy that is physically and intellectually stimulating (damn is he stimulating…) and can round it out with sex that is significant in both its quality and quantity? I mean - we have a lot of sex… And it’s all good sex… Yep, I think I’ve landed a keeper here…

Anyway, I guess I should stop being so mushy. But speaking of sex, there’s a new dirty story up. If you know where to find it, good for you, if not, ask me and I just might tell you.

iTunes at Mid-Nite

Posted in Mac, Naughty, Travel on May 17th, 2008 by Дмитрий

There really is something just sort of cool-sp00ky-creepy about sitting in an airport at 3am, playing on the internetz and then opening iTunes and seeing the three other people in the terminal who are also obviously doing the same thing, and then snooping through their iTunes library to see what sort of screwed-up tastes they have… And realizing they might be doing the same.

…And then remembering that I’ve got about 30 porn movies in my iTunes library…