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There exists in our culture a cult of the collective. Combine this with the near-universal phenomenon of sexual or religious social identification, and the result is the ubiquitous subcultures and exclusive clubs which deny individuals the true personal and social freedoms they deserve.

The gay population of most of the industrial world is among the worst offenders in this area. In the dubious quest for power and “acceptance,” homosexuals have adopted, perpetuated, and promoted the very social ills and stereotypical behaviors that demean and constrain them. Rather than helping to contribute to the sexual liberation of our society, most homosexuals eagerly adopt the very philosophical preambles that have resulted in decades - if not centuries - of self-righteous repression by religious, political and educational authorities.

The roots of these offenses go much deeper than politics, “community,” or sex alone can explain. Rather they are based upon inherent personal shame and lack of identity, the roots of which lie in the philosophical points-of-view held by such perpetrators in regard to the role of sex in human biology and psychology, the concept of sexuality in its social context, the influence of collectivism, and a desire - despite pleas to the contrary - be seen as “normal” and to “fit in” in the eyes of peers and elders.

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Public Property: The Antithesis of Freedom

Posted in Economics, Rants on November 1st, 2001 by Дмитрий

The only moral use of force is in self-defense. However, governments use force (through the legal system, which is maintained by the police and the military) every day, whether to uphold rights (which is the moral and just role of the government) or in the dubious effort to maintain “social order” whether this means controlling what is commentary and what is smut, or controlling who can live where on what income. Because the state can use coercion legally - unlike individuals and businesses, who must break the law in order to coerce - state activity in the realm of economics is immoral, since economic activity, in order to be just, must be based upon consent - not coercion.

However, millennia of state coercion has lowered individual expectations of freedom, and eliminated the desire to pursue a principled morality in society today. Most individuals base their political opinions not on what is right, but on what is the most expedient way to make the state function in their favor. This has resulted not only in an unjust society and legal system, but in an atmosphere of pressure-group warfare, where all battle all for government favors, in an aristocracy of political pull. Several specific institutions are directly indicative of this: health care, education, property rights, and social welfare.

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The Green Party: Neo-Fascism

Posted in Economics, Rants on November 12th, 2001 by Дмитрий

The Nazi party of depression-era Germany is uncannily similar to the emerging Green Party in America. In ideology, political agenda and economic policy, it is almost frightening to review the implications on Americans should the Green Party ever come to a position of political influence.

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How to End Coercion

Posted in Economics, Rants on November 30th, 2001 by Дмитрий

I have often been told that there is no way to escape the reality of government coercion: governments have to do a dirty job, and they must make and enforce laws which aren’t always fair or just, and these laws must be enforced and policed with police and guns. I’ve been told that this fact of life cannot be overcome. Although most people are willing to admit that some regulations and laws are out of control - from smoking bans to the war on drugs to laws against homosexuality, most people still feel that the government has no choice but to handle things such as collecting taxes and enforcing traffic laws under penalty of imprisonment.

Just because most individuals don’t find a moral problem with state coercion, the consensus that it is therefore the correct way for a human being to live in society is not necessarily the right conclusion. This essay is in answer to this widely-held notion. I intend to prove that, in fact, a just, honest and self-reliant society is possible without the constant spectre of government force hanging over it.

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Monogamy as Bondage

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Monogamy plays a very dubious role in our society today. It is seen as the highest of virtues by the majority of individiuals - whatever their moral alignment in most other matters. The reasons behind the worship of monogamy are based either on archaic religious mores or irrational philosophical premises, and the demands which such beliefs place on relationships often destroys otherwise great romances.

The primary root of most monogamy is religion. Most religions restrict sexual and romantic activity due to the common mystical perception that pleasure is a sin. Thus religions tend to prefer any moral alignment which restricts the prevalence or enjoyment of individual desires.

Other often-touted reasons for monogamy stem from the desire to have and keep a single, life-long partner. Needless to say, this premise has been proven flawed by history indubidubly. Whether through marriage or interpersonal agreement, the majority of romantic relationships are based upon monogamy. Unfortunately, this premise is in fact the root of the statistically tragic plight of romance in the world today.

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Domestic Terrorism

Posted in Rants, San Francisco on November 20th, 2002 by Дмитрий

For several weeks now, my City has been under terrorist attack. Many people remember the attacks on New York in 2001. Although I wouldn’t claim that the attacks on San Francisco this month were quite as severe, I would argue that they exceed the qualifications of terrorist actions compared to those perpetrated in September of 2001.

The logical definition of terrorism is actions or threats which cause “terror” in those to whom the actions or threats are directed. Terror should be qualified, of course, to mean something more severe than mere inconvenience or change in habits. Terror in men is the conscious confirmation that life as it needs to be led is impossible - that the actions of an outside force are causing a threat to one’s life and the pursuit of that which furthers its goals and success.

The goal of San Francisco’s terrorist population is the destruction of life. The results of their actions have been the destruction of the motors of the City. Everyone touched by the actions of the terrorists have seen their lives changed in a destructive way. This is what is meant by terrorism, and why they as individuals and as a group can be classified as nothing else. Their actions surpass the terrorist nature of those of the September 2001 terrorists in many ways, if not (yet) with the latter’s destructive results. Their actions have touched me personally in ways the September 2001 actions never could have, both due to the proximity of the activity and the nature of the terrorists themselves.

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The Trading Body

Posted in Economics, Rants on December 1st, 2002 by Дмитрий

The mystics of muscle have often characterized world trade as damaging and unnatural, and as a system which fails to properly match the processes of life for humans and other biological entiities. They prescribe the silver bullet ideal of bioregionalism and isolationism (nationalism) as that state to which working men should strive for. Like most proponents of the irrational, they should check their premises.

Global trade is the only economic paradigm which, in fact, fits the true wholistic human-scale analogies the mystics use. Their premises are the ones which are incorrect and unscaleable. The following argument makes no specific logical connections necessarily justifing the functioning of a heavily-integrated global marketplace - it isn’t meant to. It merely discredits the logical processes and conceptual frameworks of those who try to besmirch the latter by a similar method.

If all systems are intertwined and merely differ in scale, as the mystics propose, then that scale must be universal. If cells are the building blocks and support structure of organs, and organs the building blocks and support structure of the body, one must go further. The individual is the building block and support structure of the industry, the industry is the building block and support structure of the world.

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On Hate Crimes

Posted in Americana, Rants on December 22nd, 2002 by Дмитрий

I am so incredibly pissed off about the idea of hate crimes. In general. First of all, why is it that you should get a lighter sentence for committing a crime just because you’re a fucked-up person? And what exactly will the guvmint constitute “hate”? Basically, hate crime laws would allow congress or the courts to legislate thought. It would mean that a man’s ideological beliefs are what deserve punishment, not his actions. By giving this sort of authority to the government, you basically destroy freedom of thought.

One would think that by committing a crime, punishment should be equal among all citizens. Isn’t that the very definition of legal justice? Basically, hate crimes legislation will allow a court to rule that a man’s thoughts make his crime worse. Isn’t committing the crime bad enough? How far does one extend the idea? It’s wrong and ridiculous that the motive of a crime should determine the severity of the punishment. Men should be free to think evil thoughts, but not to act on them. We can morally condemn a man who honestly believes that Jews are inferior as humans, but he doesn’t deserve any further physical or legal condemnation until he acts on that belief. If he kills a Jew because he hates jews, his punishment should be no more nor less severe than the man who kills the store clerk in a robbery or the gangster who kills a random strager for initiation rites.

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Welcoming New Americans

Posted in Americana, Economics, Rants on February 6th, 2003 by Дмитрий

It is often baffling to me how small-thinking our leaders are when it comes to the issue of immigration. It’s a hotly debated topic these days, but it seems that neither “side” of the issue have the concept down correctly, nor understand the wider implications of the issue.

The “left” views immigration negatively due to its alignment with the statist socialist element. Immigrants, it is argued, jeopardize American jobs by providing a glut of labor, and jeopardize American wages by being willing to perform the same tasks as unskilled American laborers for far less money. Additionally, the “left”, with its catalogue of social programs and welfare interests, tends to view immigrants as a competing interest in the battle over the tax spoils made available by said programs. At its base, the “left” wants to enjoy the fruits of America’s productivity, made possible by the principles and convictions of the founding fathers, without the necessity of conviction or allegiance to any country, any principles, and without conviction.

The “right” is afraid of immigrants for more simplistic reasons, in most cases. They fear exotic traditions, religions and ideas. They fear racial diversity and they, too, smell a threat in the foreign immigrants willing to take up work for lower wages than their American counterparts. At its base, the “right” wants to enjoy and indulge every privelage obtained by prospering in America without having to recognize any basic principles or rights which created that prosperity.

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The Martha Stewart Complex

Posted in Economics, Rants on June 4th, 2003 by Дмитрий

For about two years, the most recognizable businesswoman in America has been waiting on the chopping block. She has shown commendable strength and an unbending character throughout her ordeal, and perhaps because of this, the executioner continues to refuse a final verdict. Martha Stewart’s legal battles, and more importantly the public reactions to them, are one of today’s most telling signs of the impending end of freedom, life and wealth in America as we know them.

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Whom We Choose

Posted in Rants, Sods on January 6th, 2004 by Дмитрий

A new year arrives and queers still can’t marry. The ruling gang is still screaming for a law against it - admitting to the world that they want their institution extended as a privilege to the gang, rather than as a right which a rational government should protect for all adults.

The news tells me that a pop star with too much time and money on her hands has eloped with a friend at a little Vegas chapel. The next day, they waltz into court and have the marriage annulled. It’s great to see how highly regarded the institution of marriage is held today by our culture’s elite.

I am not going to moralize on how one should never be allowed to end a marriage, or that one must make a marriage work, no matter how severe the adversity involved. I recognize the many reasons a relationship may end, and that divorce, separation and loss are common and necessary parts of life. The potential end of a relationship should not prevent any individual from marrying, and being married should not be an invincible barrier to change. However, I find it particularly infuriating that someone can so casually play with such a powerful legal and social instrument. So many people do.

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Coming Out of the Ghetto

Posted in Rants, San Francisco, Sods on July 25th, 2004 by Дмитрий

Being one, I have nothing against homosexuals. But for an agglomeration of reasons, they piss me off a lot here in San Francisco. I previously ranted about the cheapening of sexuality which seems to have been brought on by “sexual liberation” and the culture of Pride. One thing I have also been pondering, however, is whether we’re just pandering to age-old caste systems by engrossing ourselves so frequently in our individual subcultures and ghettos.

I think about this every time I see one of the many parades and street fairs which imprison me in my home on various Sundays every few months. A peek down the street or a futile attempt to move my car exposes me to gaggles of gays in their preferred clone attire, attending an event which is advertized to portray the liberation and normalizing of their “preferred lifestyle” within their society.

I do not agree with that line of reasoning. San Francisco has very successfully marketed itself as the homo capital of the world. It is very safe to be queer here. You can peck your husband goodbye on the bus, casually pop by the bar waving the banded flag, enjoy multiple blowjobs for the cost of a movie with impunity, and once every month or so attend a fair showcasing just how undressed your peers can get in public.

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Olympic Terrorism

Posted in Economics, Rants on August 15th, 2004 by Дмитрий

The fever of Olympiana has once again consumed the world. Every few years, the governments of the world, both autocratic and democratic, rally their minions to their flags to support an institution which purports to enshrine values which every human should supposely appreciate: national pride, athleticism, cameraderie, etc.

All the while, we never seem to question the rather insidious facets of the Olympics, and its repercussions upon us as individuals, whether we live in a free society or not. It also reflects the immense infrastructure of corruption and villany which the entire enterprise of sports entertainment has brought to the world in which we live.

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Platform Politics

Posted in Americana, Rants on October 1st, 2004 by Дмитрий

I’ve become especially sensitive lately with the way every public medium and social institution today seems to be less concerned with its own specialized role and more dedicated to a sort of “catalogue” response to the world. This spans everything from social clubs to political candidates, public issues to editorial stances. I’ve written about it before: the “all or nothing” response to the world at large, expecially in reference to political values.

The most obvious sign is the political landscape of the past decade. As gerrymandering came back with full force in 2000, politicians have had less and less to worry about in terms of competing against candidates of the other party within their districts, and instead have to cater to the extremes of their own party in order to defeat so-called “wishy-washy” bi- or non-partisan candidates. As a result, the republicans get scarrier and more right-wing religious and the democrats get more slimy and authoritarian-fascist.

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The Problems With American Liberalism

Posted in Americana, Rants on November 25th, 2004 by Дмитрий

My thesis today: liberty is dying in America not because so many Americans are Right-wing fascists, but because those who support liberty tend to be wishy-washy about it to the point of aiding the enemy.

A leader in The Economist a few weeks back noted that the word “liberal” has lost much of its meaning today. It is hurled as an insult from the right toward those who would desire anything from freedom of choice to increased social welfare policy. Most American leftists accept it as a negative association, and thus tend to build their reputation not on being “liberal” but being “moderate” or “compassionate”.

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