Welcome New Year

Posted in About Me on January 3rd, 2005 by Дмитрий

This year should hold some rather interesting developments. I don’t quite want to go into details, but those of you who know me well probably know exactly what’s coming. Feel free to discuss with me in private if you want to know more. To say the least, some major shifts and earth-moving changes will have commenced before the year is out.

One thing you will not see me doing is making any New Year’s Resolutions. The last time I think I consciously did this was more than 10 years ago. I have since come to view them as too eerily similar to the preachings of born-agains: the sort of “I fucked up last year and this year I’m going to change” philosophy.

To set the record straight, I think 2004 was a pretty good year. A wonderful vacation, an interesting bit of family news, and a conclusive team decision on future geographic disposition.

It had it’s down points: the family business’s embezzlement fiasco, the ongoing family dramas, the end of freedom, etc… But all in all, I’d say my life is still better now than it was a year ago. 

Random #2101074836462

Posted in A Life More Boring on January 24th, 2005 by Дмитрий

Wow, has it really been that long since I wrote anything?

Reasons… For one, I’m going through a sort of jaded lull like I did about nine months ago. I can’t seem to justify the effort of updating for the few things going on in my life. Second, I’m going through another round of isolation/hibernation personally.

I enrolled in a couple German classes at CCSF, thinking it would at the very least get me out of the house and doing something productive outside work. We’ll see.

My husband is feeling it and I am too. Poppy said something recently to the effect that people who complain about how bad New Orleans is just need to admit that it’s kicked their asses and they weren’t cut out for it. To that effect, I’m pretty much ready now to admit that San Francisco has kicked my ass. I’m not meant to be here. It’s time to move on.

I’m really getting into “moving mode” right now. I’m having the same feelings I felt around June 2002. The only think left is the resolve to set a date…

To digress, there’s just something incredibly sexy about Rust Belt weather. Perhaps some day I’ll be able to convince David, that the weather is one of the rad things about the region, rather than one of its drawbacks…

Rats v Sheep (But What About the Lemmings?)

Posted in Charlotte on January 31st, 2005 by Дмитрий

Does this mean that David and I are just sheep following the herd?

I like to think that it means we’re among the rats fleeing a sinking ship. Besides, rats are cuter than sheep. And less stinky.

Wherefore Art Thou?

Posted in About Me, Get In My Head on January 31st, 2005 by Дмитрий

A quick summary of what goes on in my head when you are witnessing a Murderingscreed in action.

The following is meant to be a short overview of my worldview or political philosophy. Think of it as all of my political essays wrapped up in one dense soy-flavoured PowerBar.

I have often been accused of talking out both sides of my mouth or being inconsistent. Though my views have mutated over the years, the basic premises have remained fairly consistent.

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